Unit 5: Population Diversity

Intro to Population Diversity
  1. Show pictures of teacher’s family. Students guess where they’re from.
  2. In groups, students discuss the following questions about their origins:
    1. Where were you born? Where have you lived?
    2. Where are your parents from? If they moved, do you know why?
    3. Where are your ancestors from? If they moved, do you know why?
    4. Are there any population groups that you’d like to study more about (Exs. Native Americans, KKK, etc.)
    5. Review answers as class. The population groups that they identify will serve as the topics for oral presentations at end of thematic unit.

Dreams from My Father
  1. Students look at pictures of Obama and family. Brainstorm what they know about him. Discuss background and how Obama is a good representative of American diversity in terms of race, religion, etc.
  2. Read preface and then listen to Obama reading excerpt of it. Identify how Obama views his life in terms of diversity and American diversity, in general. (US = modern, world of plenty; other countries that came to forefront in 9/11= ancient and world of want)
  3. Give introduction to read for homework along with corresponding graphic organizer.

Dreams from My Father Discussion
  1. In groups, students review comprehension questions and vocabulary about Intro from book.

Tim Wise on Diversity
  1. Students discuss how much interaction they have with “diverse” population groups, like race, economic classes, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Is Mexico “diverse? Why or why not?
  2. Watch Tim Wise’s speech on diversity. Answer comprehension and vocabulary questions. Discuss.
Resources: Tim Wise's speech "Beyond Diversity": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RHxrV7u09w

Oral Presentations
  1. Students select groups and topic of population group that they want to study more.
  2. Research topic and present in later class.

Halloween Literature – The Raven.
  1. Show picture of Edgar Allan Poe. Brainstorm what students know about him and his stories. Then show picture of the Raven. Students guess what it will be about.
  2. Watch video of Simpson’s version of The Ravens. Students discuss comprehension questions.
  3. Read The Raven and circle vocabulary. Then do comprehension exercises. Discuss as a class.

The Raven Creative Writing
  1. Students write a story from the perspective of the raven or Lenore. What would they say?
  2. Students share stories in pairs, then 1 or 2 share stories for class.